Earth Day

Earth Day

Children picking up garbage

Earth Day

Adults making good choices

Earth Day

people saving the environment

Earth Day

Everyone not polluting

Earth Day

Earth Day

Earth Day

We all want to save the earth from extinction

Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day Earth Day   

Heaven and Earth V.S. Demons and robots

Feb 5th 2010

          Today my friends and I: Liam, Caleb, O’rien, and John played a pretend game and we all were: Me the God of magma and earth, Liam the god of life, Caleb a werewolf, O’rien the original grim reaper and my brother, And John who is 2 guys  the god (demon) of destruction and the one who can destroy the abocalips( a-bock-a-lips)(The abocalips bearer).

         The game is About a plot to use the abocalips to destroy the heavens and enslave the people of  Heaven and Earth. John as his demon form is evil he has the ability to teleport, to take powers, and create robots to do his biding, and to destroy anything, And to mutate, And last but not least to make anything turn into him, and as his abocalips bearer form is good His powers are a mystery.

        O’rien is the spy of the heavens and my brother he has my powers and the ability to teleport, take souls, make anything out of souls, Give back souls, And tell the names of any god or demon or human or robot, and last but not least the ability to take powers, he is good.

       Caleb is a werewolf with 30 cm claws he has the ability to create any thing out of light and darkness, the powers to telaport, and the abilty to make weapons, he is good.

       Liam is the god of life he can create from demons and gods to humans and plants and animals, he has the ability to teleport, has the ability to give powers he dose not have and has to others,He can give life to any thing, and can never die he created me and O’Brien and he gave me the ability to never die, he is good.

       I am the god of magma and earth I have the ability to never die, to make my spirit go into anything and destroy it or control it , the ability to make anything out of magma and earth, the ability to shoot magma or earth out of my hands, the ability to give powers back to poeple, and I am the only one who knows how to use the abocalips, and I am realy a demon that doesen’t know that I am a demon and was made  by Liam by axedent, I am  good and Evil.

       John and his army of Demons and robots are trying to find the peaces of the abocalips and use It to destroy heaven and enslave the people of  heaven and Earth to take control of the univers. But 😀 Me and Liam, Caleb, and O’rien do evereything we can to stop his army of  Demons and robots. 



Wow Christmas Is Here! This Is How I Spend My Christmas

  There are lots of things that me and my family do each Christmas, some things are different, but some things stay the same.  Before Christmas we decorate the house. my brothers and I have our own little tree that we decorate every year, it is in the family room.

    It is always exciting cause we do not know if we are going to have  any family from far away come to see us over Christmas. So , Mom and Dad try to keep us busy with getting ready for Christmas by making cookies, and writing letters and cards to  people. We also do some shopping  together , and I like to wrap to wrap the gifts to send to family. This year we bought LED lights to replace the old ones to save energy.  I liked the way the house looks, so every time we pass the house  I say” Oh that’s a nice house” , and Mom laughs every time.

    This year we got a surprise visit from my my Aunt Amy and Uncle Joe.  They appeared in the yard, while me and my brother were watching TV. I ran upstairs, and I was so excited, I couldn’t even tell Mom!  They came all the way from Calgary in a snow storm to be with us.  It was so amazing to have family here for the first time from Calgary.

    On Christmas Eve this year, we all got a present from my Aunt and Uncle . It was a video camera!  I haven’t learnt to use it yet , but I’m going to. It’s really ,really cool!  Then Mom and Dad let us  open one  Christmas present before bed. I got a new coat. It’s green, and greens my favourite colour.  Before bed Mom reads the night before Christmas to us, and then she reads from Luke about the night Jesus was born.

  On Christmas morning, we wake up and we are so excited we go upstairs so fast and go straight to the tree.  We got our stockings, went onto Mom and Dads bed and opened them up together. I got Chaotic cards, giant dice, a Rubik cube , and transformers pen, a pirate flag and lots of other cool stuff.  Then we all opened our presents under the tree.  The first one I opened had a skate board and helmet in it. I also got an mp3 player, an itunes card and lots of other great stuff.

    Every year Mom makes Wife saver for breakfast, it’s good. It’s kind of like an omelette and toast all in one dish. Me and my Brother  get muffin shaped ones. Then we play with our new  toys. Dad and Mom surprised us with a basketball net that Dad built and Mom painted and Dad put it up after we went to bed  Christmas eve. It was so cool, that Dad , my brother and me, played for a long time.

   All day we played with our new toys, we were so occupied we barely got away from them.  Then we have a turkey dinner. My favourite part of turkey dinner is stuffing and brussel  sprouts with mustard.

   What’s your favourite part of Christmas?

Trenches Of War

Soldiers slept in funk holes and above the trenches were Shell-scarred areas and barbed wire

 Two men were listening to the enemys’ plans in Two man listening posts with the sound of  bullets cracking

Combat could take place at any time every soldier was required to get ready for Enemy approach

Allie’s attack , gunners manned their artillery and got ready for Snipers, heavy artillery fire and poisonous gas attacks

A stretcher squad of four men while dodging  snipers’ bullets  and mud holes saved the injered

Please stop the war 

 By: Matteo