Dear Reader


Welcome To Dead House. That’s one of my favorite books. It is a good horror book. I like it because it is scary and I like scary books.It is about a family that moves to a haunted city , and they don’t even realize that the city is haunted. So the people there try to kill them! But they soon find out so they try to find a way to stop them. This book inspired me to read the other books what there about is for you to find out. What books do you like? What are they about?

Me As A Reader

Me As A Reader

IMG_4056I like to read. It is fun. I read every morning. My mom and dad read to me at bedtime when I was a baby. My first book that was read to me was Dr. Seuss.

My favourite books are Harry Potter, the Ology series, Magic tree house bionicle books and so on.

I am a good reader. Can read hard words very well. I will read lots of books in one day.

I read every day. I read in my free time. I read information from stuff. I can read 1 book in 45 minutes.

Tips for readers: If you get stuck on a word sound it out or ask for help or get a dictionary.    picture by: Me..